Fourteen members of the LSAT met to discuss the composition of the LSAT going forward, after a question had been raised over email by Carrie Broquard about the composition of the meeting on 8/25/21 and whether having two elected members of the HSA on the LSAT was in line with LSAT guidelines. Bijan Verlin of DCPS attended the meeting as a designee of Principal Broquard, who did not attend.

Following a discussion of past practices, and the propriety of changing the membership at this time, it was decided by consensus that the LSAT would comprise of seven members of staff (including a building rep), seven parent representatives (including the two co-chairs of the HSA), and one community representative for the remainder of the current academic year. It was also decided that the LSAT would reconsider the structure of the LSAT in May ahead of the 2022-2023 academic year, and that one of the current parent positions could possibly be allocated to a parent who could represent other members of the school community, such as a parent of an out of bounds student. LSAT members will also consider in May whether it would be appropriate to make other changes to the structure and balance of the LSAT, such as having one more teacher than parent on the committee. The LSAT agreed to meet again on September 17 at 7 am to decide who of three candidates ought to serve as community rep. See full minutes here.