Finish Line in Sight + Raffle Winners!

THANK YOU to the entire Lafayette community for a terrific Bear Fund Week! In just one week, we raised over $51,000 for a total of $137,824 for the programs that make our school so special. While we are still short of our $160,000 goal, donations are still rolling in from company matches, grandparents, and even neighbors of Lafayette! The collective power of this community to come together and support our school is undeniable. 

Bear Fund is always open for donations, so if you haven’t made your gift yet, or donated but want to give a little more, please help the HSA meet its fundraising needs by donating today

Congrats to our raffle winners and to 1st grade for an incredible participation rate of 72%, thereby winning the ice cream party!

Washington Capitals tickets – Rachel Friedman

Spring Auction tickets – Erol Yayboke

Grizzly Gear – Elizabeth Maglione

A huge thank you to our Bear Fund Chair Jessica Lettween, and Bear Fund team of Michael Alderfer, Valerie Cline, Eleanor Correa, Catherine Crossland, Alexis DeBernardis, Bess Fox, Maitland Greer, Henry & Linda Lynch, Nicole Majestic, Matt McNally, Beth O’Brien, Ann Sun, and Alex Yarber; Videography and production by Dickon Mager, Colin and Molly Murchie, and contributors Kim Baum, Mr. Benab, Mr. Brockman, Dr. Broquard, Edward K. Brown, Phil Bye, Ms. Gemar,  Ms. Mayhew, Ms. Tejeda, Jessica Voris; Communications team of Gigi Elizee, Kevin, Sheives, Jess Jones, and all the Room Parents; and Finance team of Gabe DiClerico, Mark Schofield, and Vanessa Scott!