FoodPrints/Garden Updates from Mrs. Wolfish

Here are three quick notes from Mrs. Wolfish, the FoodPrints teacher:

  1. You are probably wondering what’s happening with the garden now, especially as spring is in full swing! Here is a quick update for you. The city is working on a plan with our FoodPrints team in which all accessible school gardens will be used more formally for growing larger quantities of food that will be distributed locally. This is a great way to put our school garden to use, but unfortunately that means that at this time we are asking that no one visit the Lafayette garden or plant anything in the space. We will need to follow specific guidelines and keep the space clear for the one or two authorized staff who will be working on this project. We will have more information for you soon, but meanwhile thank you for your cooperation. If you need ideas for your own home gardens… see below!
  2. Last week information about our online curriculum FoodPrints Anywhere went out. It is a fantastic collection of cooking and gardening activities you can do at home with minimal supplies. It is updated weekly and it is great for all ages. In case you missed it, here is the link.
  3. If your child wants to send me a message to share something they are cooking at home, or something they have discovered in nature, I would be happy to respond and there are two easy ways to do this!

If your classroom is using Microsoft teams and has a FoodPrints channel, you can post there and I will see it.
You can feel free to email me at and I will write back that way as well!

Stay safe and healthy everyone! Thinking of you!
Mrs. Wolfish