From the Art Room

Exciting grade 3 architectural challenge due this week by Sunday, April 11- D.C.P.S. Build Day: Design and construct a model for a new building for Washington D.C.!  

Think about the function and form of your building, use any supplies you have on hand- recycled cardboard, paper, found objects, paper cups… whatever you have. (Most 3rd grade classes explored or will explore architecture, examined some of D.C.’s more contemporary buildings, and learned how to use paper to make a cylinder, triangular prism, and rectangular prism in art class this cycle.) 

Take a photo of your building IN FRONT OF A SOLID, PLAIN BACKGROUND and submit your photo in Canvas under the art button. The D.C.P.S. Arts Department will be creating a digital city using the top submitted photos!  Let’s make sure Lafayette is represented!