From the Art Room- The Power of Love Continues! Grades 2 and 3 are now included!  

If you haven’t already, check out this heartwarming initiative, The American Love Project! 

This past fall, artists at Lafayette, across D.C. and the entire U.S., contributed art to the American Love Project! The project is inspired by the belief that if we combine the ideals our country was founded on with the power of art, the creativity of the human spirit and messages of love, that will equal American Healing. The site went live on the international day of Peace in September and was planned to culminate in art installations on the anniversary of the January 6th riots. This ongoing initiative seems especially appropriate as our hearts go out to the Ukranian people this month.

Each Lafayette 1st -5th grade student used a quote or message of love and their unique creativity to make a piece of art. Thanks to the superhuman efforts of Lafayette parents Jessica Lettween, Jessica Jones, Madura, Anna Savage Park and Lafayette alum Henry Savage, and grandparent Grace Clark, who spent countless hours devoted to making this happen, we were able to upload art from all of Lafayette’s 1st through 5th grades to the American Love website. Your child’s art is searchable by city, school, and first name. Please let Ms. McLaughlin know if you can’t find your child’s art so that we can re-upload their work (). Include child’s name and teacher’s name when you e-mailJ