From the Art Room: For Grade 3

Is your child virtual? PLEASE come up to Lafayette Wednesday (tomorrow Feb 24) to pick up your child’s weaving kit. Table with kits will be located under the front overhang. Please let me know if you need help with this or an alternate day pickup.

All 3rd Graders: 

A reminder that weaving kits will be coming home over the next few weeks for our March Weaving Unit! Students who are IPL will get them in class. If they have art on an “in person” week, they should keep them in their backpack on art day. 

IMPORTANT! All weavers should go ahead and warp their weaving looms (put on the string) on their own before their March art class (directions are in the kit). They may need some parent help for this step If they want, they can also go ahead and begin to weave! (Remind them not to pull the edges too tight.)  

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT of our art unit! I am excited! Questions? E-mail .