Get to Know Our 3rd Grade Teachers

Donna Cobb, a long-time 2nd grade teacher at Lafayette, made the switch to being a departmentalized 3rd grade teacher of Math & Science. Donna is a native of Louisiana and graduate of Louisiana Tech University. In fact, she was crowned Little Miss Dubach at her home town’s famed Chicken Festival. Despite growing up in rural Louisiana, Donna has never been camping and is happy to never attempt it. She loves spicy foods and is known to eat jalapenos with every meal (even breakfast). On the weekends, Donna enjoys eating out, wine tasting, swimming with dolphins, and perusing the racks for good deals.  



Jessica Campbell is a 3rd grade teacher of English Language Arts & Social Studies. She lives in the Rockville area but calls many places home. Half of her family lives overseas so she’s always on the move visiting family and friends across the globe. This year alone she’s been to Thailand, Germany, Austria, and Bermuda. The focus of her bachelor’s degree was Environmental Science; this year she’s taking part in a fellowship to infuse more environmental science lessons into the curriculum. Jess is a sports enthusiast. She shares her passion with students when coaching Cross-Country, Track, and Flag-Football. Most weekends you’ll find her in Anacostia Park where she plays on her alma-mater’s flag football team.



Ann Lamers is a 3rd grade English Language Arts & Social Studies teacher. She is originally from Wisconsin and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison (Go Badgers!). On the weekends she enjoys walking or running the monuments. This summer she was able to hike Mount Rogers, the highest point on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. Ann enjoys volunteering at the National Center for Children and Families; she does so at least once per month. Fun fact: Ann doesn’t know her real age or birth date, but it doesn’t stop her from celebrating.





Keely Wells is a 3rd grade teacher. Originally from Seattle, Washington and a graduate of Washington State University, she moved the DC’s U street area last summer after exploring Croatia, Slovenia, and Greece. Keely is a fitness enthusiast that enjoys squatting with kettle bells, rolling tracker tires, and an early tee time. She also loves to try new foods and new recipes.





LaToya Davis is a 3rd Grade Math & Science Teacher. She is from Wilmington, North Carolina. She graduated from the same high school as Michael Jordan and was crowned Ms. Congeniality at the Ms. Pre-Teen North Carolina pageant. She tries to spend as much time as possible with her family and with her first love, the beach. She often travels in the summers to different Caribbean islands. This summer she basked on the beaches of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Her love of the Caribbean isles does not extend to the food—she much prefers a margarita and fajitas.  When not chasing after for year-old son, she teaches graduate courses for the Washington Teachers Union.





Book Recommendations

Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister 

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly 

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown


Sports Teams

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

Washington Redskins

Miami Dolphins

UW Badgers

Washington State University Cougars

Seattle Seahawks

Carolina Panthers