Grade 3 ART News! Lafayette Celebrates YOU! 

Congratulations to the following 3rd graders who chose to submit architecture sculptures back in March and be selected to enter the D.C.P.S. Build Day Challenge! I just received news the Build Day project is going to debut along with the “Rep My City” Citywide Virtual Art show. I couldn’t be more excited! Thanks and congrats to:

Serena Allee, Grace Anderson, Grayson Boehlmer, Alexander Davis, Zachary Granato-Carpenter, Wyatt Hartig, Lainey Huey, Claude Kelly, Cavan Kootman, Perry Lawrence, Grace Lenzer, Leela Mahjan, Mabel Mason, Mateo Miro, Milo Montgomery, Sofia Neilson-Morena, Leyla Nelms, Maddie Palacheck, Aven Philip, Nina Sharafi, Maya Toussaint, Eli Trayner, and Evelyn Varga!

Stay tuned for upcoming news about viewing the show! 

Questions? Contact Laurie McLaughlin, art teacher grades 1-5