Happy Planksgiving to All!

We are continuing our celebration of Planksgiving! Don’t forget that you should be completing the following challenges this week with your 3rd-5th grader! We’ve also challenged our students with some different types of planks; ask them to show you their favorite! The celebration of Planksgiving is a great way to make room for all the delicious vegetables that will fill our plates this week. Make sure your making time between the Black Friday deals for that two minute plank! It’s also not too late to start the challenge; see the Planksgiving handout!

Tuesday 11/21 (Day 16)- 1 minute 30 seconds
Wednesday 11/22 (Day 17)- 1 minute 40 seconds
Thursday 11/23 (Day 18)- 1 minute 50 seconds
Friday 11/24 (Day 19)- TWO MINUTES
Saturday 11/25 (Day 20)- 2 minutes 10 seconds
Sunday 11/26 (Day 21)- 2 minutes 20 seconds