Helping your child with worries

This is understandably a very anxious time for our students!  The SEL team has gathered a few resources to help you work with your child to address those worries.

Ms. Ayers created a social story that explains why school is closing early.  It’s a great way to talk through how that’s going to work.  It includes practical ways to address worry, like singing a song or talking to an adult, and finishes with some lovely resources that explain coronavirus and social distancing in a kid-friendly manner.

Scholastic and Yale Child Study Center collaborated on a workbook, First Aid for Feelings that’s meant to help students deal with the coronavirus crisis.  The workbook is available in both Spanish and English.

The Child Mind Institute wrote a helpful guide, “Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus.”  It offers really valuable advice from experts on how to have that difficult conversation.  Their starting statement?  “Kids worry more when they’re kept in the dark.”

Mindfulness is a tool that our students already have in their toolbox!  Ms. Ryden’s website, Peace of Mind, is a great resource for tips and videos on how to practice mindfulness with your child.