How to know what’s going on

No, you are not alone. The new school year has hit everyone like a ton of bricks…(but in a good way?) A lot is happening at the school, in your classes, and in the community. Here are some ways you can stay up to speed with everything:
  1. Sign up for news here to receive weekly email announcements, like messages from Dr. B and the Tuesday Bulletin digest.
  2. View online or subscribe (via Google) to the calendar. Entries include all of the major school and HSA events, including the revolving 6-day calendar of specials and flex club options. (No more “Which day is today?” conversation over breakfast.)
  3. Follow the school and HSA on social media. The HSA, in partnership with the school, run the Instagram account (@lafayetteelementaryschool) and (official) Facebook page (LafayetteDCPS).
  4. Track email and other announcements from your teachers and room parentsThey will often have class- or grade-specific announcements, but also updates that you’ll see through the above channels.
You’ll also find some great information on the website, in flyers that might survive your kids’ backpacks and class folders, and from the occasional child who tells their parents accurate information about school events and timelines.