How to Stay “In the Know” at Lafayette

Lafayette is a large and vibrant school community with many incredible happenings and events.  After the first week, it may seem a bit overwhelming.  Fear not!  Below are a few helpful hints on how to keep up with all the information, outline our regular communication structures, and guidance on how to provide feedback to the school.  

School-Wide Communications – the following are reliable, and consistent sources of school wide information. 

Classroom Communication

  • Weekly teacher updates – Every classroom will send home weekly updates via email and/or paper.  These updates will include academic information, classroom happenings, and logistical reminders.
  • Classroom websites (such as Shutterfly) – Websites are updated regularly with information, reminders, volunteer opportunities, and pictures of the classroom.  There are also blogs for the art room and the Peace room that are linked on our website.
  • Room-parent emails  – Every classroom is assigned 2-3 room parents.  These are parents who send home information via email, help recruit volunteers, and assist in maintaining the classroom website.
  • Email/call your teacher – Feel free to check in with your teacher about any questions or concerns you may have.  Email addresses are available on the staff directory page.
  • Back To School Night – Please join us for a comprehensive tour of the classroom and presentation from your teacher.  Many of your questions will be answered over the course of the evening.  The evening begins at 6 pm in the cafeteria.  The full schedule can be found here.
    • August 30th – Grades PK4, 1st, 3rd, and 5th
    • August 31st – Grades KDG, 2nd, and 4th

What to do if you have a concern


Congrats on making it through the entire post and/or email message!  I realize this is alot of information, but communication is the key to a successful school year.  Please utilize and enjoy the structures that are in place and know that we are all here for your students every day.  Please don’t hesitate to share information – concerns or praise!  It’s important to hear both.


Here’s to an amazing 2nd week of school.  See you all at Back To School Night!

Dr. B