HSA Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee Meeting: 2/13 at 7pm

The next meeting of the HSA Diversity and Inclusion Meeting will be this Thursday, February
13 at 7pm in the library. Free pizza will be served for parents and kids. Free babysitting will be
provided. Please let us know if you will be attending and if you need babysitting here.

Many thanks to the more than 40 parents who joined us at our last meeting in January. Parents
engaged in a challenging conversation about race and the issues that affect parents and
children in our community. There was tremendous energy in the room, and we have carried
that energy into developing parent-led work streams/groups. The planned workstreams/groups

1. Book Club/Reading Lists: Tonya Esposito and Deb Shapiro
The Subcommittee will host a series of book clubs focusing on books that discuss race,
tolerance, and equity. See this week’s Tuesday bulletin to sign up for the February 25 or
27 book club.

2. Data Resources: Jess Adasi, Subrat Biswal, Daisy Diallo, and Dana Watson-Flemming
Dr. B is gathering existing DCPS data and this group will explore what this data can offer
our community. This work group will evaluate this quantitative data and explore
qualitative data sources in conjunction with our Local Student Advisory Team (LSAT) as
well as the Lafayette Racial Equity Committee.

3. Parent Educational Programs/Panels: Alison Meyerstein, Bella Speight, Rachel
Levinson-Waldman, and Shannon Winters
Plans are underway to identify amazing speakers and facilitators who can provide
educational sessions for parents on such topics as: 1) How to talk to kids about race; 2)
Defining and understanding race, racism, racial equity, bias, microaggressions, privilege,
etc.; 3) Facilitated community dialogue

4. Inclusive Social Activities/Year End Event: Catherine Bye, Adrienne Jules, Annie
Linehan, Lynne Riggins-Person, Heather Schwenk, and Anita Sharma
This team is looking at offering an end-of-the-school year event that brings us all
together as families for an event (think screen on the green) or donuts and coffee in the
park. Other social activities will also be explored.

5. Understanding Policies: Jennifer Snowden-McKay and Maria Morukian
This group will work with the LSAT to examine DCPS policies in place to help families
navigate if and when a racially motivated or hateful situation arises as well to
communicate the process that the school follows per DCPS policies. This group will
explore ensuring all families have information about and access to those processes.
We cannot do this very important work without the support and guidance of our parent
community. If you are interested in learning more or helping out, please contact us.

With our gratitude,
Danielle Carter and Christina Daulton

HSA Outreach Co-Chairs
HSA Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee Co-Chairs