HSA SY2019-20 Budget Reallocation Update and COVID-19 Resources

The HSA Board has sent checks to our eight dedicated aides and nurses, who as contract staff rather than DCPS employees, were the members of our community most directly impacted by the school closure. To fund this important community need, we reallocated $4,000 from two programs; JustMe, which was cancelled by the performer and Science Night, which came in significantly under budget. The Board continues to check in with the school administration to monitor any imminent staff and family needs should they arise and to track any changes in our spending based on the closure as compared to the budget passed last year. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the evolving nature of the current situation.

We feel fortunate that our community had funds available to aid staff members most directly and disproportionately impacted by the school closure. However, we know our community would like to do more and that there are organizations that are better equipped for this important work. We invite you to continue to suggest organizations helping across the city during the pandemic here and consult the complied list here for ideas of places to get info, assistance, or for ideas of places where you can contribute to organizations that are better equipped to make an impact across the city.

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas – please keep them coming!
-The Lafayette HSA Board