IMAGES 2020 on Its Way!!!

Watch your mail in the next few weeks! Your Images orders should be on their way soon! When you get a chance, please thank the following people for making this happen:

  • Your LHSA for their financial support
  • Parent Sophie Hanrahan who made it possible to receive our Images 2020 safely in our homes
  • Your teachers who gathered and edited your stories
  • Your Publication Committee who made sure everyone’s story was included and helped your teachers meet deadlines and more: Maura Barry, Lauren DiRenzo, Sequins Gooding, Ashleigh Goodwin, Alycia Hallock, Cassidy Martinez, Jessica Matthews-Meth, Laura Pajor, and Randi Stone
  • Ms. Echave, Ms. McLaughlin, and Ms. Perll who proofed, conferenced, coaxed illustrations and finally, patiently and artfully pulled the book together.

Please contact Ms. McLaughlin if for some reason you haven’t received your Images book by mid June. Forgot to purchase your Images? We are ordering a few extra to be purchased in the fall once we are back in our building.

Thank you Lafayette community for supporting our Lafayette Art and Literary Anthology!