IMAGES Cover Contest Winners

I am pleased to announce that voting for our cover submissions has been finalized and the winning designs are posted in the Great Hall along with our Autograph finalists. Congratulations to:
Cover: Maisie Derlega & Hailey Fox
Back Cover: Parker Fendig & Julianna Gately
Title Page: Claire Simon & Louise Block
Table of Contents: Charlotte Crean & Olivia Hernandez
Runners Up: Milani Cuadra, Ashlee Narciso & Dorothy Kremer, Anna Ponchione & Janie Sargent, Sarah Jones, Sophie Folds & Charlotte Gately, and Laura Martinelli
Autograph Pages: Annabelle Rooney & Lucia Brach, Sofia Ridgeway, Dylan Ridgeway & Sara Bocian, Riley Gayle & Mairin Carlyle-Dadson, Neena Krutak, Eve Fisher & Susanna Orr, Skye Brookfield, Anna Ponchione & Janie Sargent, Leah Levy, Sasha Pala & Elena Le, Sophia Harper &  Leah Harper, Ailani Cuadra & Ashlee Narcisco
Lafayette’s Art and Literary Anthology, IMAGES, has gone to press and will be ready for sale at both Arts Nights in May (May 11 & 25)!