Reminder: Important Information for the 2021-22 School Year

As we begin preparing for in-person learning in the fall, we are reviewing health documents and immunization records over the summer. As you may know, DCPS/DC Health has implemented a “No Shots, No School” exclusion policy to help keep our students and staff safe. We are asking that all parents provide up to date immunization records for the students along with updated health certificatesdental assessments, and medication/procedure plans if applicable. The links below are helpful:

Required for ALL Students: Health Certificate, Immunization Requirements, Oral Health Assessment 

Medication/Procedure Plans

Asthma Action Plan

Anaphylaxis Action Plan

Pediatric Immunization Clinics by Ward

Our school nurse is reaching out to individual families who are “non-compliant” on the DC immunization registry. You will receive a letter by email or USPS that will identify the name of the student and the missing vaccinations required to return to school in the fall. The school nurse will attempt to obtain the records up to three times, and the school will send up to two letters for a grand total of five attempts to obtain records. Please try to have these forms in before the start of school, Monday August 30th, 2021. According to DCPS/DC Health guidance, if the student is considered non-compliant at the end of the first 20 days of school, the student will be excluded from in person learning until the student is compliant.  Please remember, unless otherwise instructed, the 2021-2022 School Year will be 100% in-person learning. 

If you have not heard from the nurse but would like to check to see if you are compliant, feel free to call the Lafayette Health Suite at 202-724-8961 from 8AM-4:30PM. You may email your forms to   or drop them off at the main office.  

We sincerely appreciate your efforts to help make Lafayette as safe as possible in the coming year.  

Thank you,

Lafayette Health Team