Invitation to Vote on the HSA 2020-21 Budget

Thank you so much for participating in this Virtual Vote on next year’s budget. You can review the draft budget, previously approved by the HSA Board and presented to the community at the HSA General Meeting on March 2, online. We understand our budget may need to be adjusted in the fall, but it is critical we authorize our spending plan to meet obligations paid over the summer for the upcoming year. We will communicate any anticipated changes as they arise.

Also, we propose delaying the spend-down plan presented on March 2, and instead propose a new plan: a $10,000 reserve spend to establish an Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund. We will maintain this fund to support the school’s efforts to provide needs-based direct assistance to students and staff disproportionately at economic risk. 

You will find 2 questions on the Voting Ballot and space for personal reflections.

Please vote here :