It’s Book Fair Time!

It’s book fair time!  The book fair started on Sunday, and it ends on Saturday, December 12.   Please read this post for some new/updated information!

Have you looked at the book fair selection yet?  It’s really quite amazing!  There are thousands of books to choose from, filled with stories and knowledge to delight your student.  As you know, reading every day has a positive impact on learning!  The book fair is the perfect opportunity to invest in your home library.  Your purchases will also allow us to invest in Lafayette’s classroom libraries!  With the profits, we’ll be able to buy books to entertain and educate our students when we return to the building.

For purchases to benefit Lafayette, you need to start at our book fair homepage.  You can access that through Clever or the Lafayette Tech page.  Orders will be shipped directly to your home, and Scholastic is offering free shipping on book-only orders over $25.  (Books with toys or crafting supplies do not count as books; if you put one in your order, you’ll have to pay for shipping.  It might be cheaper to buy that item separately.)

Change in how eWallets work

In a previous post, I incorrectly described eWallets to you.  In previous years, any unused balance was returned to your credit card.  That is no longer the case!!  Now, setting up an eWallet is like buying a gift card:  The money is gone whether it’s used or not.  I apologize for the outdated information.

Teacher wish lists

If you’re interested in donating books to a teacher’s classroom, please look for an email in the coming days from that teacher.  Not everyone makes a list, so you can also reach out to them.  Anyone who works with Lafayette students is eligible to make a wish list, so please consider checking the master list in the next week to see if there are lists from specials teachers, special education, related service providers, counselors, etc.  Thank you for your generosity in a crazy year!

If you run into problems or have questions, please email me at .  Thank you for supporting our school!

Be well and happy reading!

Ms. Leese