Jump Rope for Heart Donations Still Accepted

What a great way for our kids to get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity. Last Friday over 500 our students pumped their hearts during our annual Jump rope for Heart Community service project. We jumped and danced to the disco beat to help support the American Heart Association. It was an awesome day! Thank you to everyone who volunteered. There were staff, teachers and community members who assisted during the event. Thank you to all of you! We couldn’t have done it without you.

For the families that have decided to raise funds for the American Heart Association, donations are due this Wednesday, March 14th. If you are raising funds on line Friday is the deadline. Please put all donation envelopes in the box in the Great Hall. Make sure it is marked with donation amount, child’s name and class code. Please turn all cash to checks. Checks should be made out to the American Heart Association.

It’s not too late to sign up on line to request donations. Please go here, find our school and join our team. All donations go directly into our account and no paper work for us. Once totals are in it will take about 4 weeks to receive the “Thank you” gifts.

If you have any questions please direct them to the JRFH team- Ms. Perll, Ms. Howes or Ms. McClure. You may email as well. 

Again, thank you to everyone who helped to make this JRFH such a success.

Ms. McClure, Ms. Perll and Ms. Howes​