Kaleidoscope Kids! Upcoming Discussions

As some of you may know there is a new club this year at Lafayette. It is Kaleidoscope Kids! All year we have been meeting during flex and lunchtime with interested students and discussing a range of topics. Through out the year our topics have ranged from physical and invisible disabilities, to religion, family traditions and race. As we move into March we will be moving on to our next topic of gender and sexual identity and expression. We started the discussion last week listening at the song I am me by Willow Smith, and reading the story Annie’s Plaid Shirt. From that we discussed some common assumptions people have because of how someone looks or what they wear. Over the next few weeks we will discuss these societal assumptions and the differences between gender, sex, gender expression, and with the older students sexual identity. If your child is interested in any of these topics they should join Kaleidoscope Kids! 4th and 5th grade meets Tuesday during flex time 1st – 3rd grade meets at 12:30. Any questions or thoughts can be emailed to Ms. Diesner, Ms. Ryden or Ms. Ritchie.