Kid Connect Chats Are Live

Kid Connect Chats started on Thursday, September 24 for our students in grades one through five! Kid Connect is a virtual space for students at Lafayette to connect and socialize. Chats are held weekly and monitored by members of the Kid Connect committee. This year’s topics include puppies, graphic novels, magic, choir and more! It runs like a virtual recess:  Kids choose from the options in their grade level to come and connect with others who enjoy the same topic. 

Attached are the options offered by grade level, first through fifth.  Most chats are open to all five grades but others are geared towards specific grades.  Most chats will take place during flex time, 2:45-3:15, but others occur during the lunch hour.  Please make a note of the time for all activities that interest your student.  Direct links to the activities are included in the schedule, just click on the name of the activity.

Kid Connect Chat Schedule

We hope to see your student soon!

The Kid Connect Committee