Lafayette Artists Featured in the DCPS Arts Showcase 2020

A DCPS Citywide Virtual Art Showcase Is Coming!

Art teachers in DCPS were invited to submit a limited number of photos of artwork created by students during the 2019-20 school year including during this period of distance learning. The following Lafayette students will have their artwork featured in this upcoming show. Their projects range from paintings and drawings to sculptures, mobiles, and collages. Please go to once the site is live after June 1 to view artwork from across the city!

Congratulations to the following artists!

Kindergarten Storyteller Figures: Naomi Cannon, Ryleigh Jones, Dorothy Varga, Stefan Villagra

Kindergarten Emphasis Project: Emma Burdeinick, Mia Miro, Isaac Molina 

Kindergarten Nature Designs: Joaquim Antunes, Anne Decker, Quinn Grove, Grady Hart, Zora Smith, Sam Smoot

Kindergarten Misc.: Sophie Jules (painted flower forks), Audrey Ponchione (mobile)

Grade 1 Miro Inspired Drawings: Alma Borg & Skyler Zeddun

Grade 1 Self Portraits: Alejandro Acajabon, Emily Anderson, Emma Baker, Will Birns, Niya Fabrikant, Eleanor Jaeger, Natalie Reeve, Harriet Salmon, Mae Severn, Arvo Tittula, Cas Umpathi & Hans Vensild

Grade 2 Cuna Inspired Mola Drawing: Lylah Preotle

Grade 2 Kente Inspired Paper Weavings: Kiki Czerwinski, Shaw Chambers, Thomas Crean, Mateo Miro, Sophia Meth & Daniel Wei

Grade 3 Imaginary Neoclassical Drawing: Timothy Siegel

Grade 3 Imaginary Gothic Buildings- Benjamin Huggins, Naji Mohammed & Chloe Rhein

Grade 4 Black History Month Portraits: Ella Mager, Madeline Oliver, Sofia Robalino & Rhys Seiden

Grade 5 Distance Learning Art Wave: Claire Bates

Grade 5 Aboriginal Inspired Dot Pathways: Enzo Custodi, Charlotte Haas, Grace Hafemeister, London Kennedy, Charlie Mason, Penelope Mason, Fiona Matthews-Kavanaugh, Sophia McCaughan, Marleigh McKay, Lillian Moser, Rex Weiss

Grade 5 Flying Geese Quilt: Entire Lafayette 5th Grade