Lafayette Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness month is here! Every year during the month of May the topic of Mental Health is put at the forefont of our nation and reminds us of the importance of continued learning, discussion and celebration of the concept of mental wellbeing and the many ways we purposefully promote and support it around our nation.  This is a month to acknowledge and celebrate the work that our mental health teams are doing each day in our DCPS school communities and to normalize and encourage help seeking. Now more than ever, students and families need to be aware of the very important resources that our mental health teams provide.  

Mental Health at Lafayette takes on many shapes and forms…. From lunch bunches and sessions that work with students to support goals in social emotional and behavioral wellbeing,  to a person reaching out to a student on the buddy bench lonely at recess, to mindful moments, to helping students learn to find their voice and to be upstanders…. and the list goes on and on.  This month and every month we prioritize wellness among our staff, students and families.  The Mental Health team at Lafayette includes School Counselor, Ms. Diesner, Social workers, Ms. Ayers, Ms. Sampedro, & Ms. Carré and School Nurse Vella.  While we each have our own distinct roles, we are all here to link with teachers and staff to ensure that student needs are met.  We’ve put together an activity calendar that students, staff and families can follow to remind us of all the little things (that become BIG things) we can do each day to actively and purposefully practice positive mental health awareness.  More to come as we go through the month!