Community Meeting – Wed. 12/9 @ 6:30 pm: Lafayette Enrollment Growth and Potential PK4 Changes

Community meeting on 12/9 @ 6:30 pm

The Lafayette LSAT has been tasked with making a decision to advise Lafayette’s administration on how to best meet the growing enrollment demands of our school community. Over the past four years, the LSAT has been tracking the enrollment projections and brainstorming solutions to meet our growing space demands.   Through the work of the LSAT, we have added four additional classrooms through a basement remodel. However, we are now faced with a decision point for the coming school year and over the next three years about how to accommodate our continuing neighborhood enrollment growth, given that we are now projected to outgrow our current building space again.

Recently, DCPS presented the Lafayette LSAT with an opportunity to continue to grow our thriving PK4 program and address our growing enrollment as a school community. DCPS has acquired a 6 classroom school building on Military Road that could house our current sections of PK4 and add a 5th PK4 classroom and a PK4 special education classroom. This would be one opportunity to support our growth as a school, and provide additional sections of PK4. If we do not move our PK4 program to additional space, we are faced with decisions for next school year about the size and existence of our Pre-K program and available space for our K-5 students. 

Please join us on Wednesday 12/9 @ 6:30 pm to learn more about this.  This is our second of two community engagement meetings this month.  

Zoom link:

Public Commentary Space:  Lafayette Early Childhood Center at Military Road School Public Comment

The LSAT and the PK4 team will be sharing the following:

  • History of our enrollment challenges
  • Steps we’ve taken so far to meet our growth needs
  • Possible solutions to the growth needs
  • Pros/Cons of a new Early Childhood center at Military Road School
  • Q and A with the community

Here’s the online flyer – please share with any families, and particularly neighbors or friends who have 1-3 year olds!  They have a vested interest in this conversation that addresses the next three years of PK4 at Lafayette.

We’ve also created an online opportunity for you to share your thoughts and questions about this opportunity.

We value your thoughts and feedback on this unprecedented opportunity. We strongly believe in the importance of high quality PK4 access to our students in our Lafayette community and we want to hear your feedback on questions, ideas, and other considerations as we work together to move forward.