Lafayette Facilities Use Information

In order to use any DCPS facility/outdoor space, the organization/person responsible must complete a building use agreement that outlines the specific dates and times requested for use of the facility, and then submit that application to the requested site for their approval. Once approved at the site level, all applications are sent the DGS Realty office for final approval and the assigning of any associated fees. Please also note that there is an insurance requirement for all user groups- the Realty Office can provide more information about this-please reach out to them directly with any questions you may have. All building use agreements must be submitted 25 days in advance of any requested dates- 5 days for approval at the school level and then 20 business days to be approved by the Realty Office.
Currently at Lafayette, we are only processing and reviewing single use building requests and short term gym use (October 1st through October 30th.)  We will not begin accepting basketball applications for outside team/adult use until Monday-October 28. These applications will only be accepted through Friday November 1st, with team practices scheduled to begin the first full week of January. These applications must be sent electronically, and will be accepted on a first come first serve basis for slots that can be accomodated. All groups/organizations will be notified via email as to the status of their application by Friday, November 15th. Please submit all applications to
Building use applications can be found on the Lafayette HSA website at under “Quicklinks”
Please contact Ms. Mayhew directly with any other questions you may have.