Lafayette Learning and the Bear Fund

Lafayette Learning and the Bear Fund

It’s hard to believe Fall is going by so quickly. Our kids have already done some amazing things in the classroom!

Throughout the year, the Bear Fund helps make new learning experiences possible for our children. Gifts help support creative endeavors in art class, compassionate citizenry in Peace class, and well-rounded individuals through a host of extra-curricular offerings and events.

Mindful Mentors: Each week our students in 1st through 5th grades welcome 5th grade Mindful Mentors into their classrooms during Flex Time to teach and practice mindfulness techniques. Thanks to years of following the Peace of Mind curriculum which was pioneered at Lafayette and is now used in schools in 40 states and even abroad, the older students are pros at encouraging peaceful conflict resolution, building mental resilience, and knowing tricks to help little bodies focus. They serve as wonderful role models and help strengthen student connections throughout grade levels. 

Garden to Snack Table: Second grade classes recently spent time in the Bear Garden with parent volunteers. They dug out weeds, sampled cherry tomatoes, spread zinnia seeds, and planted bulbs. Through this hands-on experience, students develop both their science skills and an appreciation for the natural world. They are able to learn how food grows in the dirt, how to tend a garden, and how it takes a village to take care of our community, plants included! 

Future Leaders: In fourth and fifth grades, students learned the importance of campaign strategy, democracy, and voting through Student Council elections. Any interested student was invited to run for office and those who preferred behind-the-scenes work helped support campaigns. From crafting a compelling message to thinking critically about their candidate choices, students gained first-hand experience in what it takes to be a leader and engaged citizenry.

The Bear Fund supports joyful learning and growing at Lafayette, for students, teachers, and the community. Please take a moment this beautiful week to make your gift to the Bear Fund and help us reach our goal of 100% community participation. Everyone who donates before Dec 2 will be entered to win four Washington Capitals tickets, two Spring Auction tickets, or Grizzly Gear, and the grade with the most participation wins an ice cream party!