Lafayette Typing Bee: Encourage Your Child to Practice

Students have been completing mini typing challenges as we prepare for our first ever Typing Bee competition, which will take place at school between April 22-29 during Tech class.

The HSA will award prizes to Lafayette’s best typists in grades 3, 4, and 5. The winning homeroom will also win a party. In addition, we will winners in the Tuesday Bulletin. The biggest prize, though, will be the ability to type like a pro, a skill that will last a lifetime!

Parents, please encourage your child to practice for 15 minutes daily on Typing Agent as we approach the final countdown! (Students should not look at their hands while practicing)

To practice, here’s how:

  • Log into Clever
  • Click on ‘Typing Agent (TA)’
  • Choose ‘Keyboarding Foundations 3+’
  • Select World 1, Home Row