Library Volunteers Needed

The library really needs help! We are extremely fortunate to have over $13,000 worth of books to unpack and inventory. DCPS first requires Ms. Leese to finish inventorying the entire collection by May 1st, and that takes priority. With enough volunteers, we could both finish the inventory and unpack all of those books before spring break. Both tasks are very easy, something that you can learn to do in only a few minutes. And, if you are looking for something to do with the kids on this week’s PD days, you’re welcome to bring them to hang in the library while you assist!

The following times are available for Ms. Leese to train volunteers to help with the inventory (and if we have enough help, to start unpacking!). Once you know what you’re doing, you could work on either task any day as your schedule permits; Ms. Leese can set you up with a computer. If you’re available and interested in any of these times, please contact Rachel Leese.

Wednesday, April 3, 10:30-12

Thursday, April 4, 8-12:30
Friday, April 5, 12:30-3:30

(These are PD days, but the library should be free and Ms. Leese will be there working. You’re welcome to bring your kids with you to hang out and read.)

Monday, April 8, 8-10:30

Thank you so much! Hopefully, we can get those new books into our students’ hands soon