Math Team Results

On Friday December 1st we had our first Math Team competition which comes directly from the Continental Math League. This contest was TOUGH and we are so proud of all 48 of our mathematicians for even giving it a shot! As evidence of just how challenging this was, none of our students (or teachers!) got a perfect score on this one so the top score was 5/6. We even had two sibling duos in the top three, which may be a Math Team first. Congratulations to our students who placed, to our mathematicians who are doing Math Team for the first time, and to ALL of our students who came out to do hard things!

Erin Duchinsky & Edie Stanton


First place (5 out of 6)

Ronan Sharma Manning                                         Nava Zwerdling

Second Place (4 out of 6)

William Bye                                                                Patrick Dubay

Willa Fleischman                                                       Kate Gellasch

Parker Healey                                                           Jake Rich

Liam Sheives                                                              Anna Silverleib

Evan Tonolli                                                               Thomas Wood

Third Place (3 out of 6)        

Beatrice Angehr-Sun                                                Bo Berman

Zander Brodsky                                                         Mia Caras

Abby Cohen                                                             Cary Deahl

Sean Fitzgerald                                                         Graham Healey

Gregory Huseby                                                       Henry Johnson

Teague Kelley                                                           Kate Palacheck

Natalie Reeve                                                           Ava Silson

Ellie Schwartz                                                             Quentin Singer

Persida Vaezy                                                           Andrew Valchev

Alex Valchev                                                             Rose Wilkins