Mayor’s Update- July 16

This morning, Mayor Bowser held a press conference and shared updates as to next steps for DCPS.  The announcement included the following two points:

  1. Summer Bridge is now all virtual.  There will be no in person learning. 
  2. On July 31st, the Mayor will announce how DCPS will be starting the school year for 2020-2021. There is no official decision as of today, July 16.  This decision will be based on health metrics in the city.

Summer Bridge

Summer bridge for rising 3rd grade students has shifted to an all virtual experience.  There will be no in person learning component for summer bridge.  Given that we just found out about this shift in the format, we don’t yet have any other updates.  If you have signed up for summer bridge, please be on the lookout for additional information and an email from us soon.


School Opening

At this time, the Mayor announced that the decision on how to open school in August will be made on July 31st.  Chancellor Ferebee shared that if health metrics allow, the district is planning to implement  a hybrid model of schooling.  He shared that families will have the choice of opting into either an all virtual model of schooling or a hybrid model of schooling (if health metrics allow).  While the hybrid model is not yet solidified, here are the details that were shared:

            Hybrid Model –

  • Student would be placed into cohorts of approximately 11 students.
  • Students would attend two days of in person learning (either Monday/Tuesday, or Thursday/Friday).
  • Wednesday there would be no students or staff in the building for deep cleaning.
  • While students would have 2 days of in person learning, the other 3 days would be virtual.
  • PK families would only have the option for the hybrid model, not the “virtual only” option.


Please note that there are many scheduling and operational details that still need to be worked out for a hybrid model.  I know many of you are eager to share with me any priorities or preferences you may have.  However, at this time, I am not quite ready to get your emails requesting to be placed with different families you have joined a pod with .   As soon as I have a better understanding of how the hybrid model schedule might work, I will share the process for how we will place students into cohorts.  I also have no way to anticipate if we will be using the hybrid model on August 31, or later in the school year.  But I promise, I will reach out when I know more and am ready to organize all the logistics!  


I do want to encourage you to start to reimagining what school will look like in the near future.  It will be different than anything we have ever experienced – virtually or in person.  But that’s ok.  Together, we can do anything. As a single parent, I COMPLETELY understand the challenges that all of us are facing.  As always, I pledge to you that all of the staff at Lafayette will work diligently to place the needs of our students at the forefront.  I am confident that we are stronger together. 


Please take time for yourselves.  Please enjoy one another, reach out if you need support, and afford yourself grace with everything else.  I appreciate your patience, your trust, and your willingness to work together to be sure that we open the school year strong – in whatever form or fashion.  Remember that our children are looking to us for our leadership and reactions to the world around us. 


As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.


Be well,

Dr. B