Meet the HSA Candidates

Please see the below candidate statements for the 2020-21 Lafayette HSA Board. The pandemic delayed our election (usually held in the spring) so we will hold a virtual vote starting later next week and ending on September 30. Please take a moment to read the statements of interest by the candidates below and read more about each of these roles by clicking here


Co-President – Ann Sun
I’m Ann Sun, mom to a 4th grader (Lake), 1st grader (Beatrice) and 3 year old (James), and we love Lafayette!

When my husband and I moved to the neighborhood nearly ten years ago with our newborn daughter, I had no idea the amazing and vibrant community we would soon be enveloped in, as parents at Lafayette. We have been delighted to watch our daughters grow under the tutelage of terrific teachers, while making wonderful friendships along the way. While the world looks a little different for the start of this school year, I am hopeful we can continue to support each other and the school and maintain the sense of community that has always made Lafayette so unique. 

In my professional life, I am a lead policy analyst at the Federal Reserve, focused on financial market infrastructure, payments policy, and financial stability issues. Previously, I worked in financial regulation at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and also in banking at Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering and hosting friends. I’ve served as a room parent four years in a row (one year for two classes at once!), and I enjoy connecting with other parents and helping to support our teachers. I’ve helped organize spring auction fundraisers and the retirement celebration for a dear 2nd grade teacher, Nancy Nickel, in 2019.  While this would be my first time serving on the Board of the HSA, I believe I bring organization, enthusiasm and a willingness to listen and learn from to others to the role. 

I miss our old way of life but I am committed to finding creative ways to fulfill the HSA’s mission to support our kids and teachers, and keep us all connected. I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing community and I would be honored to serve Lafayette as co-president of the HSA.

Vice President 1 – Clare Sant
This will be my 6th year as a parent at Lafayette, and 4th year as a volunteer on the HSA Board. With a back ground in finance on Wall Street, I most recently completed two+ years in the Co-Treasurer role, assisting in the build out of a range of important money management controls and processes.

As First VP I will be well positioned to continue working in a Finance position, completing the HSA’s transition to an external book keeping function, and guiding the restructuring of our budget and expenditures in this new COVID environment.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Vice President 2 – Daisy Diallo
Daisy Diallo has been a Lafayette mom for 5 years and aspires to serve as Vice President 2 to give back to an incredibly hard working and admirable HSA. Daisy commits to contributing to the HSA and to Lafayette by: 

1. Examining all matters through the lenses of equity, effectiveness, and efficiency;

2. Promoting the social and emotional connectedness and growth of this tenacious community; and 

3. Producing innovative and adaptive solutions to meet the demands of unprecedented times for all of our children, including her own rising 5th grader.

Secretary – Marc Van De Walle
As former Course Director of the film department at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels (Belgium) I was using my organizing and communications skills to coach 33 trainers and over 300 Undergrad Students during the previous 6 years of my career. Besides, in 2017 the Board of Directors LUCA appointed me as Vice-Dean Undergraduate Programs LUCA School of Arts responsible for developing and communicating the vision and policy within 5 Undergraduate Programs of LUCA.

Beyond these management skills I also possess hands-on expertise in storytelling, directing, editing and overall shooting. I have gained extensive experience in the media sector in Belgian and European television stations and have worked as one of the film experts for a creative impact consultancy engaged in socio-political projects. At the moment I’m engaged as co-author in a project within LUCA school of Arts called iFiction, investigating the cross-over from classical storytelling to cinematic VR.

I arrived with my family from Belgium to DC 2 years ago and we were welcomed very heartily by the neighborhood. I immediately found the Lafayette Elementary School environment a very inspiring and stimulating one, not only for my attending children Julia, back then in 2nd grade and Oscar, in 5th grade but for me personally as well. To further improve the integration into our new home, I participated as a lead logistics volunteer to the Fall Festival, 2 years in a row. At the same time, I took up a more responsible function as Secretary HSA whereby I could use my organizing and connecting skills to further shape the great work done by the HSA board the past years.

I am very proud to have been a member of this great HSA team and I hope I have succeeded in my role for the past years. Therefore I would like to run as Secretary candidate, continuing in my function the next year to further ensure the proper operation of HSA even in these difficult COVID-19 times, while being a room parent for Julia’s class with Ms. Rives.

Co-Treasurer – Michelle Cooper 

I have loved being part of the Lafayette parent community, and watching my children thrive within the school metaphorical walls intellectually, mentally and physically. I’m happy to be part of a continuing tradition of welcoming and facing the challenges before us as a school and as part of a larger community.

I have worked in market research for AARP Services Inc. for the past six years, working to provide consumer insights, quality assurance and new product development sizing and modeling data. Prior, I worked as a research director for Edelman, within the youth and education group at the Harris Poll, and at Adtalem, formerly known as DeVry University Inc. So while I do not have a finance background, I do deal with numbers and explain data professionally, and am committed to ethical accounting and accurate record-keeping.

I’m a member of the religious school committee at Temple Sinai and have volunteered as part of the initial After School Advisory Team at Lafayette. I’ve also been a room parent each year my my third and fourth graders have been enrolled at Lafayette and at Bridges Public Charter School where they both attended Pre-K.