Mental Health Team May Newsletter

On Tuesday, May 21st, Lafayette’s Mental Health Team (MHT) will host a virtual via Microsoft Teams (7pm-8pm) workshop for families of the Lafayette school community. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which is a time to raise awareness, educate the school community about mental health conditions, and reduce the stigma that surrounds these conditions. Join our team as we take a moment to reinforce the importance of mental health in our children’s lives, emphasizing resilience, self-care, and healthy management of life stressors.  Please see more information and RSVP here

The Lafayette Mental Health Team (MHT) is excited to share this month’s MHT Newsletter discussing Mental Health Awareness Month and Childrens’ Mental Health Awareness Week. Throughout the month of May the MHT will lead students in meaningful and fun, mental health mindful moments, culminating with daily activities during Childrens’ Mental Health Awareness week, May 21-24th (see attached flyer for more details on that week’s activities).

Please visit or click below to find the MHT newsletter (English and Spanish) with links to learn more through other resources.

View May MHT Resource Flyer.pdf

The Mental Health Team has many supports for students up and running. These include lunch bunches, targeted individual and group supports per IEP/504 plans, and the following general education support groups:

  • Banana Splits (for students of parents who are divorced or separated, grades 1-5)
  • Pride/SPARK club (diversity and social justice, grades 4-5)
  • Book Club (grades 2-5)
  • ASL Club (grades 2-5, in conjunction with Brianne Burger, parent volunteer)
  • SEL Legos Club (grades 3-5)
  • She Reigns (Girls of color grades 3-5)
  • KING (Boys of color grades 3-5)

We are enjoying having fun with students and interacting with them via these groups. If you have questions or would like more information about a group please reach out to any member of the Mental Health Team: 


 – School Counselor for Grades 3-5

 – School Social Worker for Grades 3-5

 – School Counselor for Grades PK-2

 – School Social Worker for Grades PK-2

View May MHT Resource Flyer.pdf