Mid Summer Updates

Happy August Lafayette Families!

I hope this note finds you enjoying the summer and healthy.  We are less than 30 days away from the First Day of School!  There is much to do to get ready for the upcoming school year.  While I know the news of the delta variant is widespread, we are continuing our plans for opening in person as shared in June.  Students will go to school in person full days (8:45 am – 3:15 pm) Monday thru Friday.  Some of our COVID precautions will be familiar from 2020-2021 such as everyone wearing masks, quarantine rules after travel, HVAC upgrades, and social distancing.  Other precautions have shifted some – cohorts of students can now interact at recess, adults can interact with multiple cohorts of students, we’ll start to use the cafeteria again for grades 1 – 5, and specials and special education services will be taught in person!

On Sunday, August 8th I will be sending out our official welcome back email with a full list of our COVID protocols, as well as class lists, signups for room parents, the school year calendar of events, and other exciting information!  Be on the lookout for that email!  In the mean time, please read below for some important reminders and updates:

School Supplies

This year we will once again utilize School Tool Box for school supplies.  Here is the link to School ToolBox:  School Supplies    If you don’t want to purchase a box from School Tool Box, you’re welcome to click on your grade level box and use the listed items as your shopping list.  This year, ten percent of all the sales are a fundraiser for the HSA.  There’s also an opportunity to sponsor a school supply box for another student at Lafayette. 

Summer Reading

Hopefully you all have been busy little readers this summer!  Although there are no assigned books this year, the summer reading committee has put together a bunch of resources!  Check out the Summer Reading Website

Immunizations/Health Records

As you may know, DCPS/DC Health has implemented a “No Shots, No School” exclusion policy to help keep our students and staff safe. We are asking that all parents provide up to date immunization records for the students along with updated health certificates, dental assessments, and medication/procedure plans if applicable. Email any paperwork to     You can also email that address to check on your student compliance.  The links below are helpful:

Travel Guidance and Quarantine Requirements

As we are returning from summer travel, please note that there are still quarantine guidelines in place for students.  You must email  if your child will be traveling/quarantine from travel.  As a note, there is no virtual instruction available for students who are quarantining due to travel.  Please be sure to plan accordingly so your child is ready to attend the first day of school on Monday, August 30th!

              Unvaccinated people should:

    • Get a COVID-19 test 3-5 days after returning home from their trip 
    • Quarantine at home until test results return. 
    • If no test is done, unvaccinated people must self-quarantine for 10 days after returning home
    • See here for more complete travel and health guidance. 

Students may not attend school after traveling unless they have shared negative test results (taken 3 – 5 days after return) OR have completed a 10 day quarantine.


COVID Safety Measures for SY22 – At a Glance

Upcoming Fall Dates

Mark your calendars!   The following dates are going to sneak up on us!

  • August 8th Class lists and welcome back email sent out
  • August 20th – Teachers return to school
  • August 26th,  – Parent Huddles and Building Tours, time TBA
  • August 28thNew Family Popsicle Social
  • August 30thFirst Day of School for KDG – 5th Grade
  • September 3rd – First Full Day for All PK4 students
  • September 13th and 14thBack To School Nights

Please be safe and healthy for the remainder of the summer.  Enjoy one another, enjoy the small things and don’t forget to read!!  Looking forward to seeing everyone in person very soon.

With love,

Dr. B