Monday Is Virtual Learning – Here’s the Plan!

Hi Again Lafayette –

All of DCPS, including Lafayette, will be in a virtual learning stance tomorrow.  Given that we are mid transition (and oh so close) to opening, we’re going to do the best we can to be live with kids throughout the day at different grade levels.  I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience my earlier messages may have caused because they were inconsistent with DCPS communication and expectations.

Here is the rough outline for our schedule tomorrow by grade level.  Your teachers will email you the links you will need!


  • Follow the transition schedule shared by your teacher


  • Virtual Students
    • Morning Meeting at 8:30 am
    • Your teacher will be teaching virtually the new schedule they emailed home. Your teacher will give you your Teams meeting link.
  • In Person Students
    • Transition meetings with families

1st and 2nd Grade 

  • Morning Meeting (AM and PM cohorts) @ 8:30 am (teacher to email links)
  • ELA will be held right after Morning Meeting
  • Mid Morning Break
  • Math at 1:00 pm


3rd – 5th Grade 

  • Morning Meetings @ 8:30 am (teacher to email links)
  • Teachers will run the schedule we had planned for in person learning. We’ll learn the ins/outs of the schedule.

A couple of notes:

  • Specials aren’t live on Monday due to Canvas access. We will upload videos for specials to the website.
  • Thank you for your patience as we pivot once again.
  • Please do take time in between sessions to play outside. Snow is amazing.
  • Thank you to our teachers for stretching outside of their original planning and mindset for Monday.
  • There won’t be intervention services or WIN time on Monday.
  • Special education providers will do the best they can to run their new schedule. There may be some adjustments.


I apologize again for all the different messages.  Let’s try to make the best of the day with both virtual learning and being at home with snow.  Then Tuesday we can take another shot at being back in the building!


Happy virtual day of learning

Dr. B