More Virtual Clap Out footage needed!

Calling all PK4 – 4th Grade Students!

Thank you so much for all the clips we received in the last couple of days but we need more!

An annual tradition for our 5th graders is the much-beloved “clap out”;  all 800+ students line the halls of the building creating a clapping tunnel of love as the 5th grade students leave the building one last time.   While we cannot create that same experience in person this year, we are going to create a virtual clap out! 

Here’s what we need from as many PK4 – 4th-grade students as possible: 

  1. Horizontally framed, fixed point of view in front of the porch, so outside, student(s) looking into the lens of the camera, clapping for at least 10s.
  2. Best to start the shot silent, go into clapping and cheering and then end after 10s returning to silence.
  3. Clips need to be sent to using or via Dropbox with a link to the shot.
  4. Should be only one shot named after family e.g. or vandewalle.mp4
  5. If you need help, please email Marc Van De Walle at

All clapping videos should be emailed to Marc no later than Friday, 5/22.