New Budget Process a Big Success

The 2018-19 HSA Budget, now approved by the HSA board and to be voted on by the general membership on June 7, was informed by two volunteer groups of parents who poured over spreadsheets, survey results and data. The result is a budget that has thoughtfully trimmed back expenditures and revenue targets. The groups also developed some long-term goals that can help focus the HSA efforts going forward.

The HSA board wants to thank the following people were willing to step up and help us with this process:

Stacy Beck
Shannon Behm*
Valerie Cline
Heather Davenport
Lori Finch
Susan Formuzis
Stacey Grant
Sophie Hanrahan*
Jordan Kaplan
Kirsten Keefe
Ashley Kennedy
Debra Laboschin
Margaret Lidstone*
Sheri Lockwood
Dave Mason*
Rachael Overcash
Nedra Pickler*
Anita Ponchione
Astrid Ruggeri*
Karley Sessoms
Virginia Tortella Canellas
Darci Vetter

*Current HSA board member

We encourage all members to review the proposed 2018-19 budget and come to the June 7 meeting where the general membership will discuss and vote to approve it.