News From the Art Room

Art assignments for quarter 3 are all due by the end of March! Parents, could you pretty please take a few minutes to help your child check their “To Do” list in Canvas, or under their art button to access and submit their art assignments. Each class has 3 or 4 art assignments that they should have been able to complete mostly in class if they used their time wisely. If they missed the class, they should still access the assignments asynchronously under their art button in Canvas. Thank you SO MUCH for your support!!!

I know your children are completing beautiful artwork that is not being submitted in Canvas and I would hate to give your child a “2” in art just because they haven’t followed through on submitting their art.

Grade 3 Parents… thank you for all your support with our weaving unit! Additional yarn is available for interested students in the front office and will also be shared with classroom teachers as they put on their finishing touches!

In other news, remember to check the Brave Enough Quilt website for our Lafayette digital quilt art collaboration for Grades 1-5.