Notes on the First Two Weeks Schedule and Back To School Night Links!

This afternoon, our amazing staff of teachers sent your child’s schedule for the first two weeks of school. 

First, HUGE SHOUT OUTS go to all of the coaches, teachers, and instructional aides who have been on the clock for a total of 12 hours.   Because their commitment to a strong, supportive opening for our students is beyond measurable, they have worked to be sure that you are armed with the information needed for these critical first two weeks.

Second, a few reminders to help us all stay centered on the same priorities for the first 8 days of the school year:

  • We are prioritizing relationships and getting to know our students. We all agree that in order to do this, we must build purposeful social emotional learning into our classrooms.  We must also prioritize 1:1 time with students and families. 
  • We are going slow to go fast. This is true for the first two weeks of the school year – in the building or in virtual classrooms.  Students need to build stamina.  Students need time to build routines.  And most importantly, we need time to get to know our students. 
  • Specials are starting live on Day 1! This is new for us!  Kudos to our specials teams for jumping in the deep end on the first very day of school!
  • We know you need time to plan as a household for any schedule shifts.  We will send out the “master schedule” mid-week next week.  This is the full-on academic schedule with live teaching times for Morning Meeting, ELA, Math and Science/Social Studies.  The live instruction time will increase for all grade levels.

As I shared in our Parent Huddles, please approach the first two weeks with patience and grace.  We are keeping our children’s social emotional well being and relationships at the center of all that we are doing.  You all have a brand new front row seat to what it looks like to get a classroom up and running.  It is slow, deliberate work.  Before you know, we will be running at full tilt.  🙂

Thank you again to the entire community – teachers, parents, support staff, HSA, and LSAT – for their unwavering support of our teachers.  We are stronger together and we are Lafayette.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Back To School Night on Thursday, 8/27!  

*The sessions will be hosted by grade level.  The first session starts at 6 pm.  The second session starts at 6:45 pm if you need to go to another grade level.


PK4 BTSN Meeting



KDG BTSN Meeting


1st Grade BTSN Meeting
2nd Grade BTSN Meeting 3rd Grade BTSN Meeting  

4th Grade BTSN Meeting


5th Grade BTSN Meeting




With love and a calming virtual hug,

Dr. B

PS – If you didn’t get an email with your child’s schedule, please let me know.   We will fix that ASAP!