Our online book fair is here!

Book fair season has arrived!  Our online-only book fair with Follett begins Monday, November 1st and runs through Sunday, November 14th.  You can find the link to start your shopping on Clever, Canvas or by clicking here.  Profits from the book fair will be used to purchase more books for our library!

Purchases will be shipped to the school after the book fair, probably after Thanksgiving.  Orders will be delivered to classrooms.  If you want a purchase to be secret from your student, designate it as a gift at checkout.  Follett will package it separately, and we’ll coordinate with you to pick up the order.

Want to donate books to one of our wonderful teachers and staff members?  Click on the Wish Lists section of our online fair!  Purchased books will be delivered to your student for them to donate to the staff member.  Students can also make personal wish lists to share with family and friends.

Thank you for supporting reading at Lafayette!  If you have questions, please email Ms. Leese at