Parent Huddle Slide Show

Thank you to everyone who joined me this past Thursday for our Parent Huddle.  Below is the Powerpoint deck that I shared and talked through.  The slides include our middle of the year data, as well as information about Term 4.  I’ve also highlighted some key takeaways from our conversation:

  • For Term 4, students in grades 3rd – 5th who are currently all virtual can make a decision to return to in person learning. If your student is all virtual, please take the survey  to let us know if you would like your student to return to in person learning or stay virtual:  3rd – 5th Grade Term 4 Survey  Please complete the survey by 5 pm on Friday, 4/2.


  • Last Friday, the CDC issued new guidance regarding social distancing in schools. Mayor Bowser also issued new recommendations last Monday for the city of DC.  At this time, DCPS has not changed their guidance for schools.  If/when that guidance changes, I will keep our community in the loop. 


  • Check out our middle of the year data. Our teachers, students and families accomplished amazing things over this past year of virtual learning.  We are using our middle of the year data currently to plan for our acceleration and recovery for the summer and upcoming school year.  More information to come.


Check out the full slide show here.