Parent Meetings and ReOpen Updates

Below are several significant updates and reminders as we are looking to wrap up the second week of Term 2.  Please take some time and read through the entirety of the message!  I hope to see you all either tonight or Thursday night in the parent meetings!

Upcoming Parent Meetings

  • Wednesday, 11/18 @ 6:30 pm – “Parenting During a Pandemic with Phyllis Fagell”

The Lafayette and Takoma Education Campus HSAs are pleased to present an online discussion with school counselor, author and parenting expert Phyllis L. Fagell, LCPC, who will be answering all of those parenting questions you’ve been grappling with during these unprecedented times. Please join us TONIGHT at 6:30 pm via Zoom (passcode Parents). Click here for additional call in numbers for Zoom. 

Our Mental Health Team will be presenting a panel to share more information about the challenges of parenting during the pandemic

  • What’s “typical” for age levels
  • Children’s responses to trauma – what does that look like
  • Self-regulation – how to support your kids when you don’t feel so great yourself

Take a moment to share questions or topics you would like addressed:  Parent Panel Topics

ReOpen Plans

We are currently set to open a CARE classroom 12/9.  As we solidify our staffing, we will announce the grade level we plan to open.

On Monday, elementary principals were given guidance to create school specific reopening plans.  To that end, our LSAT met today to start the process of create our ReOpening plan for Term 3.  Please be on the lookout for information from the LSAT, including meeting notes and ReOpening plans.  As a note, all reopening plans are contingent on overall health metrics in the city.

Late last week, it looked as though WTU and DCPS had reached a tentative agreement.  However, this afternoon WTU announced they would not sign the MOU.  I’m not sure what this means in the long term, however, our LSAT will continue to plan for an eventual return.

Two weeks ago, our LSAT and SCAC (union based team) completed a building walk through.  Check out the pictures and explanations of our walk through.  From a facilities perspectives, our building is ready to reopen:

            Building Walk Through Powerpoint

Report Cards

Kid Connect

Looking for more social interactions for your child?  Teachers and staff are hosting social groups for students based on interest.  Check out the KidConnect Schedule and find a group to join.

Parent Huddle on 11/12

Missed our parent huddle last Thursday?  Here’s the PowerPoint we talked through! 

            Parent Huddle 11/12/2020

Need another parenting resource? 

Here’s an article that addresses how to understand and cope with reactions during a pandemic