Pi Day Contest Results!

It was another exciting Pi Day in the Math Cave! Pre-K student Nia Speight recited 26 digits of
Pi and we got to enjoy the return of the singing Cohen sisters. We are proud of all students who
participated and especially proud of our overall winner, fourth grader Abby Cohen, who recited
465 digits!

Erin Duchinsky & Edie Stanton

1st Grade
1st Place: Bridget Kelley (26 digits)
2nd Place: Addie Akowvah (12 digits)
3rd Place: Tori Alprin (11 digits)

2nd Grade
1st Place: Grayson Speight (40 digits)
2nd Place: Max Trager (23 digits)
3rd Place: Lily Gaylord (22 digits)

3rd Grade
1st Place: Rosie Cohen (230 digits)
2nd Place: Bo Berman (133 digits)
3rd Place: Savannah Tuss (90 digits)

4th Grade
1st Place: Abby Cohen (465 digits – overall school winner!)
2nd Place: Parker Healey (130 digits)
3rd Place: Alice Colligan-Zullow (70 digits)

5th Grade
1st Place: Emma Lomba (304 digits)
2nd Place: Maddie Palacheck (54 digits)
3rd Place: Yonathan Richman-Dreyfus (42 digits)