Please return your library books!

Do you still have Lafayette Library books at home?  Thanks for taking such good care of them over the last 14 months!  Hopefully, your student has enjoyed reading (and rereading) them.  As the school year wraps up, Ms. Leese needs all library books returned so they can be checked in and shelved, ready for other students to read and enjoy next school year!

The library is being used as a classroom, so students will not be bringing books to there.  Instead, please return books to the drop boxes located near each class wing.  (Most are located near student bathrooms.)  For our virtual students, a box will be located under the portico at Lafayette.

A few things to please keep in mind:

  • Library books will have a barcode sticker on the back cover, and it will say “Lafayette ES,” “DC Public Schools” or something similar.
  • Before returning books, please double-check that they are Lafayette books!  Please do not bring in any books from public libraries.
  • Please return any classroom library books to that teacher.

If you don’t remember anymore what books your student has checked out, please email Ms. Leese at .  She is still in the process of checking in the books that were returned last year, so it will be a little while before she can answer your question.

We still have more than 2,500 books checked out, so please find and return them as soon as possible.  Thank you to everyone who was able to return books last year!