Racial Equity Committee News

The Racial Equity Committee is excited to begin sending a monthly email with articles, activities, and resources around our year-long school wide theme, Brave Enough. In September we have been discussing how we are “Brave Enough to Be Me.” The following activities were shared with all teachers, and may be helpful at home as you follow up with your child on their classroom discussions. 

Staff reading  Just beginning: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack 

Continuing my journey: Glenn Singleton Courageous Conversations about Race 

Read Aloud Books  Don’t touch my hair! 


I am Enough 


The Day You Begin  

Whole School Morning meeting  Amanda Gorman Inaugration Speech 

Discussion/ after activity –  

Write down words that connect to being “Brave Enough” 

Write down the words you think are important. 


How does this poem make you feel?  


What do you think the following lines mean?  


“There is always light. 

Only if we are brave enough to see it. 

There is always light. 

Only if we are brave enough to be it.”