Read our magazine subscriptions online!

Do you have a science, history, arts or sports lover?  All of our students have access to several magazines by using a website called Flipster.  We have even have magazines for our youngest readers!  To access Flipster, students will need to log into Clever.  In the Library & Resources section, they’ll find EBSCO Flipster.  Clicking on that icon will give them access to National Geographic Kids, Ask, Click, and Sports Illustrated Kids

Reading a magazine in Flipster looks a lot like reading a print one.  You can turn the pages, enjoy the photos and zoom in to read smaller type.  Students can read the most recent issue of these magazines, but they also have access to back issues!  To read other issues, open the current issue of the magazine.  On the toolbar on the right, select All Issues to browse.

This year, DCPS is providing access to four magazines for our students.

  • National Geographic Kids is filled with science, animals, fun facts and more!  We have access to issues from May 2017 to the most recent issue.
  • ASK (Arts and Sciences for Kids) magazine is filled with science, history, art and more.  It’s geared for ages 6 to 9 but would be enjoyable to any grade.  We have access from this month’s issue all the way back to April 2014.
  • Click is geared towards younger students, ages 3 to 6, and features articles on nature, science, art and more.  It’s perfect for our young, inquiring children.  Read this month’s issue or explore previous magazines back to April 2014.
  • Sports Illustrated Kids is the children’s version of the popular sports magazine.  Filled with fascinating articles about today’s most prominent athletes, history, the science of sports and more, it’s good for sports lovers of all kinds!  Starting in 2020, this magazine switched from publishing monthly to every other month.  Students have access to issues from January/February 2021 to May 2014.

To find more information about using Flipster, including a video tutorial, go to their help website.  While there is a Flipster app, students will not be able to log into it.  If they want to read a magazine on a tablet, they’ll need to navigate to Clever in the browser and read the magazines that way.

If they try to open a magazine and get an error message, check that you’re not using an ad blocker like Ghostery.  You might need to whitelist Flipster’s website or pause your ad blocker to be able to access the magazines.

With a Montgomery County Public Library card or a DC Public Library card, you can gain access to hundreds of more magazines!  All of our students, and their families, are eligible to get cards from both systems.  You can find instructions and links to apply for cards in this document.

If you run into problems with Flipster or have questions, please email .  Happy reading!