Ready to Bid! Lafayette’s Diplomatic Auction Cable (Vol. 6)

Diplomatic Cable

The Official Communiqué of the 2019 Lafayette Spring Auction


March 14, 2019- High Priority

Every Bid Counts, Every Ticket Counts

As we prepare for our global adventure this Saturday night, we want to highlight that your support at every level is important.

The live Auction Catalog will open for bidding tomorrow, Friday, March 15 at 8:00 a.m. There are numerous items under $25, as well as many items to delight at every price point and interest level. Please share this link with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and the nice people in line at the grocery store! The Silent auction is open to bidders across the community and every bid counts! You do not have to be present to bid or win the silent auction items!! We have set a goal of raising $100,000 at this year’s auction and encouraging many people to participate and bid is important to reaching this goal.

Tickets remain on sale for $90 through Friday night and then will be available again at the door for $100 on Saturday night. Save the extra $$ for your winning bid and buy your ticket today!

Catalogs in Backpacks Today

Be sure to check your child’s backpack today as every child is heading home with a hard copy of the Auction Catalog preview. A reminder that full descriptions, photos, and NEW items are available online. So use the hardcopy to make your plans, but check online for even more items.

New Donations Added!

We still have some amazing items that have come in that will be added to the site today, so keep checking for even more great things to bid on!

Volunteers Needs Still

We need help with set up, but also greeting, directing and helping guests on Saturday night. Can you help? Please sign up here.

Enter On Northampton Saturday Night ONLY!

The auction entrance is at the Northampton Doors. Only the Northampton doors will be open. Doors open at 7:00p.m. Please take note when you are walking up to the building to enter on Northhampton. Did we mention only the Northampton doors will be open? Okay, good!

Pizza Party Competition Update

The number of tickets sold per class is what will lead to the winning class in each grade receiving a Potomac Pizza Party! Final ticket sales will be counted again and winners announced on Monday, March 18. However, here’s how it is shaping up as of late last night.

Rember, Sponsor at Teacher/Staff Tickets count towards your class total. Only $50, Please take a moment to purchase one or more to help offset the cost of welcoming our amazing educators to the auction as our guests.

Current Pizza Party Ticket Sale Leaders (10 tickets or more):

  • Ms. Harn- 26 tickets
  • Ms. Nickel- 23 tickets
  • Ms. White- 20 tickets
  • Mr. Catapano- 20 tickets
  • Ms. Moore- 19 tickets
  • Ms. Brown- 19 tickets
  • Ms. Taguian- 19 tickets
  • Ms. Culver- 19 tickets
  • Ms. Abraham- 19 tickets
  • Ms. Hallock- 19 tickets
  • Mr. Coor- 18 tickets
  • Ms. deJonckheere- 17 tickets
  • Ms. Ritchie- 17 tickets
  • Ms. Gowie- 16 tickets
  • Mr. Johnson- 16 tickets
  • Ms. Cobb- 16 tickets
  • Ms. Haigler – 15 tickets
  • Ms. Pajor- 15 tickets
  • Ms. Davis- 15 tickets
  • Ms. Harris- 15 tickets
  • Ms. Wells- 15 tickets
  • Ms. Daley- 15 tickets
  • Ms. Styles- 14 tickets
  • Ms. J. Campbell- 14 tickets
  • Ms. Shapiro- 14 tickets
  • Mr. Martinez- 14 tickets
  • Mr. Skubel- 14 tickets
  • Mr. King- 13 tickets
  • Ms. A. Campbell- 13 tickets
  • Ms. Lamers- 13 tickets
  • Ms. Goodwin- 12 tickets
  • Ms. Ratliff- 11 tickets
  • Ms. Cassidy- 11 tickets
  • Ms. Paton- 10 tickets

But What About Parent Parties?

To ensure everyone has a chance to bid on these popular events, bidding to these “instant buy” listings, as well as the Teacher Appreciation dinners, will open on Saturday, March 16 at 8:00p.m. Again, you can bid from the auction or remotely. At 8:00p.m. when the parties “go live” you will have the ability to “instantly purchase” spots in a specific party (or teacher appreciation dinner). Once the spots are sold out, the party will show as SOLD OUT. All of this is done on the same

No need to hover around paper listings (there are none!), you can keep enjoying the party and our auctioneer will countdown when they will open. And for those enjoying at home or the road, be sure to set a calendar reminder and have your account set up and ready to go on

Use the handy “watch this item” to create a short list of things you want to keep an eye on.

What Happens at the Auction?

Here’s the summary version of what to expect. This is an adults only evening that is the largest fundraising event for the Lafayette HSA each year. Our goal this year is to raise $100,000.

When you purchase a ticket, you receive admission to the event that features all food and drink for the evening (we do mean all). It also this year includes getting to enjoy performances and artists from around the globe including:

  • Japanese Traditional Dance by Shizumi Shigeto Manale
  • Bollywood & Indian Dance by Rhythmaya Dance
  • Traditional Irish Dance by the Culkin School
  • Live Typewriter Poet by ARS POETICA
  • Live Screen printing Experience by Soul & Ink
  • Live Henna Tattoo Artist, Priyanka Walunikar
  • Live Japanese Calligraphy Demonstration by Satomi China
  • Taste of Denmark by Your Own Lafayette Dane Families
  • Coffee Cocktail Tasting and Pour Overs by Dignity Coffee
  • Tempting Scotch Tasting feature five premier selections
  • Gerdan, Kaleidoscope of World Music performance

When you arrive via the Northampton Doors,you’ll check in and the team will confirm they have your information and credit card on file. You will be assigned a number to “bid” with during the Live Auction and Raise the Paddle. All other bidding will be done via your phone or tablet by going to Lafayette.GiveSmart.Com.

Then the night is yours to enjoy, relax, and meet new friends. Don’t worry if you don’t know other people coming. It’s a great time to mix and mingle and did you see that list of stuff to do above? You’ll have plenty of reasons to strike up a conversation. And our signature cocktail, brought to you by the team at Chevy Chase Pediatric Dentistry is the Negroni Smile. How can you go wrong?

Our professional auctioneer, will guide us through the evening, and the global tunes of DJ Sparty, will add to the fun between performances.

So, don’t fret about what to wear. Find something colorful and fun, reconfirm the sitter, schedule an uber/lyft, and plan to come and enjoy and raise money for the school you and your kids love.

What does the Auction Support?

The HSA provides nearly $300,000 annually (nearly $400 per student) to support our school community and programs including both grade-specific informances, extra curricular programs, classroom supplies, science programs, and more. We help fund our school’s one-of-a-kind Peace Program which focuses on social and emotional learning and makes our school a kinder, more inclusive place. Importantly, we also help cover many building and school supplies costs so that Dr. B can focus her budget on teachers.