ReOpen FAQ – Please read as you are making decisions!

Return to In Person Learning – FAQ

January 11, 2021

Can my student remain virtual?

Yes!!!  Always!

Can I start in person and then return to virtual?

Yes.  We can accommodate a return to virtual instruction. 

Can my student start virtually and then return to in person learning later in the year?

No, not at this time.  If you choose virtual in the survey that just went out, your student will remain virtual for the remainder of Term 3 and Term 4.  **Please note – there was a typo and incorrect information in emails sent on earlier on 1/11/21.  I deeply apologize if it caused any confusion.**

Is there sibling preference?

The lottery run by DCPS did not include sibling preference.  We are working through our waitlists to see if we can accommodate that request.  Please give us a few days to see how the waitlists develop.  However, at this time, we cannot guarantee sibling preference.

For PK,  3rd, 4th and  5th grade, will my teacher change?

No!  Even if your child’s homeroom teacher (or ELA or Math) are staying virtual, they will continue to be your child’s teacher.  When the students are in person, they  will log on virtually with their current teachers.

For KDG, 1st and 2nd Grade, will my teacher change?

It depends.  Here are the different scenarios:

  • Your teacher and your child are remaining virtual – you will have the same teacher.
  • Your teacher is staying virtual and your child is returning in person – you will have a different teacher
  • Your child is staying virtual but the teacher is returning in person – you will have a different teacher
  • Your child and the teacher are returning in person – you will have the same teacher (except potentially in KDG where we have added a teacher). 

When will we find out if our student is in the morning or afternoon cohort?

We hope to have the class lists recohorted and scheduled by the week of January 25th.  It takes some time to collect responses and from the waitlist.  Then the teachers will help with scheduling to support instruction.  Finally, we will try to accommodate sibling requests for scheduling.  We appreciate your patience and know that you are eagerly waiting for this information to plan the logistics of life.  

What will lunch look like?

  • For PK – 2nd grade – students will have either bagged breakfasts or lunches available if needed from food services
  • For 3rd – 5th Grades – 
    • Students will eat lunch in their classrooms
    • Students may bring lunch from home, or eat “hot lunch”

What are the school hours for grades 3rd – 5th?

  • Start time – 8:15 am
  • Dismissal – 3:15 pm
  • Drop off/dismissal procedures will be shared with families the week of 1/25
  • At this time, students may not leave midday if they have “virtual” instruction in the afternoon.  We appreciate the suggestion, but are not able to support these logistics at this time.

Will teachers be vaccinated by the time we return?

  • I have a call with OSSE on Tuesday morning to learn more about the timing of the vaccination for educators.
  • Mayor Bowser announced that educators (1b group) should expect to start the vaccination process around 1/25.
  • More information to be shared as we have it.

Here is more general information that has been provided previously:

General Information

  • ReOpening is set for February 1st
    • This is a decision made by the Mayor and DCPS
    • The city metrics outlining this decision have not been shared
    • Lafayette must abide by the decision made by the Mayor/DCPS
  • Students may always remain virtual
  • Wednesday will remain an asynchronous day in order to provide teachers contractually required plan time
  • For ½ day models the hours are:
    • 8:15 am – 11:15 am
    • 12:15 pm – 3:15 pm
    • Drop off and Pick up procedures will be shared the week of 1/25.
  • Specials will remain virtual
  • Students returning in person must be up to date with immunizations!

Next Steps in Student Selection

  • An initial email will be sent on Monday, 1/11 offering students an in person learning seat.
  • Please complete the survey by Wednesday, 1/13 by 5 pm.
  • We will make calls and follow up with families if we don’t receive a survey response.
  • Your decision next week is for Term 3 and Term 4. We don’t anticipate revisiting our model or reopening seats in Term 4, unless something happens to significantly alter our decision making.
  • If you choose to return in person, you can always decide to return to virtual learning at any time.
  • We will do our best to provide sibling preference, but cannot guarantee it.
  • We will do our best to try and accommodate family schedules (both students in the PM; siblings on the same A Week/B Week).  However, we cannot guarantee these accommodations – we need to prioritize instructional grouping as well.  And there are a lot of us.  

Safety Protocols and Responses

Upcoming Parent Meetings and Schedule Changes

  • Thursday, 1/14 at 6:30 pm Parent Huddle for ReOpen Model Questions
  • Thursday, 1/21 at 6:30 pm Parent Huddle for Safety Protocols and Drop off/Pick Up
  • Tuesday, 1/26 – ReOpen Back to School Night (or coffee)
  • Thursday, 1/28 – NO SCHOOL, PD Day. **this is a calendar change**
  • Friday, 1/29 – No School, ½ Day Records Day, ½ Day PD Day