Room Parent Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of Room Parents for the 2020-21 school year and your help to reimagine the role of the room parent in this virtual world. 

We’re looking for up to three dedicated volunteers for each class! We have included some typical room parent duties, but this year these are sure to be a little different, so be prepared to be flexible as we figure out this new normal.

Some typical room parent duties that may still apply:

  • Reaching out to all classroom families to welcome them to the class and encourage interaction.
  • Coordinating a virtual Classroom Social Event in the Fall – ideally before the end of October. This used to be a potluck. This year, it could be a virtual happy hour, small group meetings, a game night.
  • Coordinating virtual social activities for the kids as well, like lunch and recess video play groups.
  • Communicating with parents about the HSA, meetings, updates and events.
  • Supporting your teacher by providing assistance with the class site or other teacher needs.
  • Receiving emails from Room Parent Coordinators, Nicole Islinger and Fran Faircloth, about upcoming events/activities and making sure these messages are communicated to everyone in your class.
  • Forwarding notifications to your class about HSA General Meetings. (This is important especially when meetings occur where there is a vote.)

We have found that being a Room Parent is a rewarding experience, and most Room Parents find that their fellow classroom parents are very interested and available to help.

If available and interested, please send an email with Your Name, Teacher’s Name and Child’s Name to Nicole Islinger and Fran Faircloth stating your interest to: .

Thank you!