Schedule Update for This Week and Term 2 Update

Dear Lafayette Community –

I apologize again for today’s disruption to our students’ learning.  I was hopeful that decisions and conflicts that are far outside of us would not directly impact our students and families, but this morning that hope did not hold true.  As the principal at Lafayette, I fully support all of our stakeholders – students, families, teachers and staff.  We must find a way to work together to achieve the goal we are all committed to:  students safely engaged in joyful, rigorous learning, whether at home or in person.   If you would like to learn more about the plans to Reopen, the Chancellor is hosting a Town Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 5:00 p.m. .  You can also contact DCPS at  with your questions around our revised reopening schedule. 

As the Chancellor emailed earlier today (see below for full text), Term 2 will now open entirely virtually.  DCPS continues to work urgently toward a reopen plan that is safe for students and staff.  We also continue to be sure that our buildings are ready for reopening.  To that end, our LSAT and SCAC (union) committee will do our building readiness walk through this Thursday, 11/3.  I will also continue to update you on any movement in plans toward learning in person.

The PD day that was originally announced for Thursday, 11/4, has been rescinded, since staff will not need time to set up for in person learning.  Thursday, 11/4 will be a regular instructional day.  See below for a summary of the rest of the week:

Tuesday, 11/3 – No school for Students – Election Day

Wednesday, 11/4 – Morning Meeting, Wellness Wednesday, and then asynchronous (like usual)

Thursday, 11/5– Instructional Day

Friday, 11/6 – No School for Students, ½ Day PD, ½ Day Records Day for teachers

Monday, 11/9 – Start of Term 2 – Virtual schedule as we have been implementing

As always, I will be available Thursday, 11/5 at 6:30 pm for our weekly Parent Huddle.  If you would like to submit questions for me to address, please use this link:  Topics/Questions for Parent Huddle

Please be well, vote if you haven’t already, and stay engaged and supportive as a collective.  We must stay together to get through what could be an even more challenging next couple of months.


With love and gratitude,

Dr. B





Esta carta está disponible en español a continuación.


Dear DCPS Community,

DC Public Schools has a responsibility to provide every student with an equitable, rigorous, and joyful education — no matter if they are learning at home or learning in school. 

While we planned to offer in-person learning at the start of Term 2 for select elementary school students, this timeline will need to be adjusted. This means all students in grades PK-12 will now begin Term 2 on Monday, November 9 with learning at home. 

Please also note that this week’s academic calendar will not shift as previously announced. We apologize for any inconvenience this update may cause. 

  • Monday, Nov. 2 — Instructional day
  • Tuesday, Nov. 3 — Election Day; no school for students and teachers
  • Wednesday, Nov. 4 — Instructional day
  • Thursday, Nov. 5 — Instructional day
  • Friday, Nov. 6 — No school for students; 1/2 Records Day and 1/2 Professional Development Day for teachers

We commit to supporting our students, families, teachers, and staff in our urgent mission to safely reopen schools. We have heard feedback from many in our community about #ReopenStrong plans, and we will use this moment to adjust our timeline and staffing plans for reopening.

We are still taking steps to reopen and will begin by opening CARE classrooms as soon as staffing plans are confirmed. Families who already accepted an in-person learning seat will have the option to join a CARE Classroom first. Then, we will outreach to additional families with seat offers. We will be in contact with families directly on next steps.

Elementary school principals will continue leading safety walkthroughs this week with members of their community to show first-hand how buildings are ready to welcome back students and staff. We are also posting school readiness details online at

Please join our weekly community town hall on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 5:00 p.m. and do not hesitate to contact us at  with your questions around our revised reopening schedule. 

We will continue to share updates as they become available. In the meantime, please remember to vote tomorrow if you have not already.

In partnership and health,

Lewis D. Ferebee, Ed.D.




Estimada comunidad de las DCPS:

Las Escuelas Públicas del Distrito de Columbia tienen la responsabilidad de brindarle a cada estudiante una educación equitativa, rigurosa y alegre, sin importar si están aprendiendo en casa o en la escuela.

Habíamos planeado ofrecer aprendizaje en persona (presencial) al comienzo del segundo semestre para estudiantes selectos de la escuela primaria, pero tenemos que ajustar las fechas de este plan. Esto significa que todos los estudiantes en los grados PK-12 ahora comenzarán el segundo semestre el lunes 9 de noviembre con el aprendizaje en casa.

Tenga en cuenta también que el calendario académico de la esta semana no cambiará como se anunció anteriormente. Lamentamos las molestias que esta actualización pueda ocasionar.

  • Lunes 2 de noviembre: hay clases
  • Martes 3 de noviembre: día de las elecciones; no hay clases para los estudiantes y maestros
  • Miércoles 4 de noviembre: hay clases
  • Jueves 5 de noviembre: hay clases
  • Viernes 6 de noviembre: no hay clases para los estudiantes; medio día de registros y medio día de desarrollo profesional para los maestros

Nos comprometemos a apoyar a nuestros estudiantes, familias, maestros y personal en nuestra misión urgente de reabrir las escuelas de manera segura. Hemos escuchado comentarios de muchos en nuestra comunidad sobre los planes de #ReopenStrong, y utilizaremos este momento para ajustar nuestro cronograma y planes de personal para la reapertura.

Todavía estamos tomando medidas para reabrir y nos comunicaremos directamente con las familias que han sido asignadas con un cupo para una de nuestras opciones de aprendizaje en persona en los próximos pasos. Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer primero una opción en persona a las familias que ya han aceptado un cupo, tan pronto se confirmen los planes de personal.

Los directores de las escuelas primarias continuarán realizando recorridos de seguridad la próxima semana con miembros de su comunidad para mostrar de primera mano cómo los edificios están listos para darles la bienvenida a los estudiantes y al personal. También estamos publicando detalles de preparación escolar en línea en

Únase a nuestra reunión comunitaria semanal el miércoles 4 de noviembre a las 5:00 p.m. y no dude en contactarnos en  con sus preguntas sobre nuestro programa revisado de la reapertura.

Mientras tanto, recuerde votar mañana si aún no lo ha hecho.

En alianza,
Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee